About Kapitelbegelrum


Kapitelbegelrum – a sustainability game.

Global warming is a topic affecting all of us. And most people don’t know where to start to make an effort and do their part to save the world.
This is where Kapitelbegelrum jumps in. In 52 weeks you can be part of a big change. Get information about sustainability, see how much of a change you’re doing and most importantly: have fun!

How does the Game work?

You find 52 Posts on this website. Each one is a challenge for you to implement in your week, or even in your life. 

How do I win?
Some players do it for the fun, some do it for the price – to see your success, you will find tree’s at the beginning of every weekly challenge.

  1. If the challenge shows 1 tree you save a little bit of CO2 accomplishing this challenge, 5 tree’s save you a lot.
  2. Furthermore, you can read little texts to the challenges giving you some background knowledge on topics regarding global warming – let’s say it easy: you gain knowledge.+
  3. And as the cherry I will put some positivity on top: sometimes silly sometimes super banal I will tell you why doing the Challenge has a positive impact on your everyday life!

If you like the competition tell a friend about it and play together. First and only and most important Rule here: be honest so yourself and be honest to each other. Because it is totally clear that some of the challenges come to you easier and some come harder. Even if you only do part of if you’re at least doing something! Count the trees you collected each week and compare. Whoever has more trees at the end of the 52 weeks wins something you determine at the beginning of the game.

So hey ho let’s go – be a part of the Kapitelbegelrum movement!

Litte addiction: most of the content you see on this page is based on Louisa Dellerts book ‚My heart beats green – there’s no planet B‘. For now it is only available on German, but if you show her some love rocking the Kapitelbegelrum movement we could make it possible for an English Version to hit the Market. Why would you want that? Because it is a beautifully designed book talking about the complex topic global warming in an easy way and shine light on the most important issues.  www.louisadellert.com

      Kapitelbegelrum - A Sustainability Game