Kapitelbegelrum Level 2: How to shine

Level 2.1 Turn your lights off. Save money. Easy.

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Week two is easy as well. Just turn your lights off when leaving a room. 

If you turn the lights off if you leave the room for at least 5 seconds this will save energy. Because it will save more energy than the inrush current would need as a supply turning the light on. Just make it a habit.

What’s in for me?
Electricity = Money. Turn the lights off, save money 🙂

Level 2.2 LED as your illuminant of choice

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In addition to Level 2.1: Next time you have to change a bulb consider LED.

LED (light-emitting diode) saves 70-80% of energy in comparison to conventional bulbs. Furthermore Conventional bulbs only turn 5% of the energy they get into light. The rest of it is sent out as heat. LEDs are sold as ,energy saving lights‘ which in Germany are mandatory. 

What’s in there for me?
As soon as your whole household is armed with LEDs your wallet will thank you  – you save around 70 Euros a year.
Also energy saving lights are supposed to work way longer wich means you won’t have to buy them as often.

LED A++ sustainable and many saving expert

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