Kapitelbegelrum Level 3: Top 10 Nature Documentaries

Level 3: Netflix and Chill – Watch at least 3 of these Documentaries

  1. Planet Earth

  2. Our Planet

  3. Cowspiracy

  4. What the Health

  5. Plastic Ocean

  6. Before the flood

  7. Jane

  8. Minimalism

  9. Rotten

  10. Sustainable

Because this is my favourite Kapitelbegelrum challenge so far. Because I truly believe that if you watch some of these documentaries with an open mind you will go out of there with a lot a new knowledge and motivation. 
I, for example, after being a vegetarian for most of my life, started to live vegan after watching Cowspiracy. Furthermore, since seeing Plastic Ocean I am way more mindful considering my plastic consumption. And these two things just came easily to me after seeing these documentaries.

What’s in for me?
Other than an easy Kapitelbegelrum Challenge that will gain you one tree, because I really believe on the impact a mindful consumption of movies can have you will gain a lot of knowledge and relaxed time at home just for yourself, quality time with your loved ones and planet earth.

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