Kapitelbegelrum Level 4: A reusable cup saves money, trees and plastic

Level 4 Get a reusable cup and take it with you wherever you go

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You’re a hardcore coffee lover? Tea is your refreshing secret? Always take a reusable cup. Bamboo is super light and keeps your drink hot longer than a one-use cup. 

Germans sip their drinks out of 320.000 single-use to-go cups per hour. That’s almost 3 Million cups per year. Stacked over one another that’s enough reach the moon. Or go round the world 7 times! 43.000 trees are being cut for this amount of cups being used yearly by Germany only! On top they are coated with polyethylene, lids and swizzle sticks are pure plastic. And for their production roundabout 22.000 tons of raw oil are needed – per year. All that put into CO2:  for the production of to-go cups for Germans per year 111.000 tons of CO2 are being emerged (83.000 tons because of the cups, 28.000 tons because of the lids). Ouch!

What’s in for me?
By bringing your own cup you can save the forests from deforestation, the ocean from plastic and save up to 20 cents per drink! Furthermore a nice reusable cup is designed way cooler than boring single-users.

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