Kapitelbegelrum Level 5: How to reduce palm oil

Level 5.1 Groceries without palmoil

4 of 5 trees

With this weeks challenge you can gain 4 trees! By just being more sensible about what the ingredients of you groceries are.
Try to buy all of your groceries without palm oil.
Tip: Take special care buying foods like chocolate, cereals, margarine, packet soup and instant meals – most of the time they include palm oil.

Rainforests are burning. And animals are dying. People are working in tears. 
Palm oil plantation make up more than 27 Million hectares of the worlds surface. That’s comparable to the size of New Zealand.
Native forests are being burned to make room for monocultures. If animals (the ones that survived the fires) come close to the new plantations in search for food they’re being shot. People that once lived in accord with the rainforest now have to work for pittance on the plantations. 
Especially Indonesian Islands like Borneo and Sumatra, other Asian countries and Latin American parts of the world suffer from this exploitation… (read on in Level 5.2)

Level 5.2 Cosmetics and Cleansers without palm oil

5 of 5 trees

First time 5 trees! Go for it! 
In addition to buying groceries without palm oil do the same considering cosmetic products.
Tip: Especially soap, shower gel, shampoo, cream, mascara, eyeliner, washing powder are the villains. Visit organic sops to find a good alternative!

…Especially the burning of Indonesian forests is an incomparable climatic disaster. Because they stand on peat bog. And peat bog is one of the most important wirepuller in lowering carbon dioxide on earth. Even though peat bogs only make up 3% of the earths surface, in their peat layers they absorb one third of all carbon dioxide – twice as much as all forests on this planet. And that amount of carbon dioxide is being released if these forests are being burned.
Solo in 2006 peat fires in Indonesia caused 900 Million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. That’s more than the carbon dioxide emissions of Germany the same year!

What’s in for me?
A pure conscience! <3

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