Kapitelbegelrum Level 6: Less Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Level 6 Bike/Bus/Train week

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This week on Kapitelbegelrum is about mobility. Let’s get back on the bike, ride the bus or train/metro! And remember: there is no wrong weather – only wrong clothes.¬†

Average CO2 emissions (gramm CO2) per 10 cilometers
Walking/Biking: zero ūüôā
Train/Metro/Bus: 340-408
Motor Scooter: 816
Motorcycle: 952
Car (e.g. VW Golf): 1088
Airplane: 2516
SUV: 3604

47,1 Million cars are registered in Germany. But even though most of our destinations we could reach by bike, bus or train. And that’s what we should do because it is one of the easiest things each and every one of us can do to reduce our carbon footprint – especially if you’re driving a SVU!¬†
(numbers from www.eingutertag.org)

What’s in for me?
Kapitelbegelrum favorites: Money. Time. Health. 
Money: Yes public transport seems to be expensive at first glimpse. But gas and diesel is becoming more and more expensive – so you better recalculate your month expenses on fuel and read the next two points.
Time: Don’t you want some extra time for yourself in you daily life? To finally read a book again. Or a Newspaper. Or just to absorb life around you. Take the Bus or Train and use the time. Because driving a car you can’t do a whole lot besides grabbing the wheel and swearing because of traffic.
Health: If you are able to use the bike everyday – do it! A nice exercise in fresh air. I bet you will be more awake arriving at work than ever before and be kicking the day with better mood and more energy!

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